INTO MY VAULT, a rock band from Hamburg, takes their audience with them to a place where they can safely settle, where they can listen to the profound lyrics, feel the earthy melodies and let the grungy rhythm take over their senses. INTO MY VAULT delivers an honest sound while tickling those long lost memories. Subtle passion in a grungy rocky robe.

When singer Michael Hutter and guitarist & composer Jan Wölke meet for the first time in 2012, the seed for IMV was sown. They write their first songs together and play some unplugged gigs. A few years later – in 2016 – the duo finally turns into a rock band. Guitarist Ole Müller with a fondness for spicy guitar effects, and drummer Jan Hangman, who claims to have played the violin for the London Philharmonics (really?), now complete IMV.

With IMV the four musicians return to their roots. Mad about 80’s & 90’s rock music, Michael, Jan, Ole & Jan transpose authentic sounds from the past to the present, dust them off and remind us of their greatness.

If Eddie Vedder would’ve barged into Alice in Chain’s band rehearsal to tell the visiting Jimmy Page about his last trip to the Yukon over a stout and a sandwich, they would’ve probably called themselves IMV sooner or later.

In September 2017 the band recorded their first EP at Chefrock Studios in Hamburg together with Peter Keller and the incredible Sylvia Massy who was happy to take on the mixing duties.
In 2018 the first concerts took place. INTO MY VAULT supported the german tour-dates of the canadian rock-band THEORY OF A DEADMAN in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg and played support for SEETHER in Saarbrücken and Nürnberg with overwhelming response from the audience.

In July 2018 the album-recordings for their first long-player will start at Chefrock-Studios Hamburg with ECHO-winner for „Producer national“ Peter Keller.
With such a famous international support the future calls: